Take advantage of Team inboxes
Create and configure a team inbox?

You can create a team inbox on the fly in the onboarding process when connecting an account or you can create it in the team’s settings: Settings > Teams > Create Team.

Team inbox settings

Teams can be customized with different options, like a highlight color and a fun emoji. More advanced settings are also available like:

User accesses

When creating a team, you can define two types of users:

Active members receive notifications for new messages. They see conversations listed in the Team Inboxes mailbox in addition to the team inbox.

Observers, on the other hand, do not receive notifications and see conversations listed in the team inbox only. This is perfect for managers who want to monitor the work being done but don’t want to be flooded with notifications.

Dedicated inbox

You can choose to have a dedicated inbox or not. Turning it off is useful if you only want to create a team or group for internal mentions or chats.

Dedicated chat room

You can also decide if you want a Team Inbox to have it's own chat room, or not.

Business hours

This setting helps Missive Analytics accurately measure Reply time and First reply time by excluding contacts made outside business hours.

Assignment options

When a user replies to a message from a team inbox two options are possible:

  • Assign the conversation to that user (default option)
  • Leave the conversation in the Team Inbox

When a reply is received in an already assigned conversation, the conversation can be moved:

  • To the assignee's Inbox (default option)
  • Back to the Team Inbox

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