Take advantage of Team inboxes
What’s a team inbox?

In Missive, team inboxes are used to collaborate around sources of messages like:

  • Email accounts
  • Google groups
  • Distribution lists
  • SMS
  • Live chats
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Custom API accounts

With team inboxes all people working on them are on the same page, no messages get missed and no two people work on the same message at the same time. It’s a simple process:

1. View the team inbox

Select the team inbox from your sidebar, you will find all the emails, SMS, or other messages that have not been answered or assigned to anyone yet.

Each team inbox can be accessed from the Missive sidebar
If you can’t find the team inbox in your sidebar, click the + More link and open it.

2. Triage messages

From the team inbox you can directly reply to a message and assign yourself or assign messages to colleagues. A message can also be transferred to another team if it was addressed by the customer to the wrong one.

Easily assign to the right stakeholders
Easily assign to the right stakeholders.

Once assigned, assignees get a notification and can find the conversation at the top of their Missive Inbox.

If a message does not need to be assigned or replied to (e.g. newsletter) it can be archived, marked as spam or trashed.

3. Close a conversation

When the assignee has completed their draft, they can click the Send & Close button to deliver the email and close the assignment.

Send your reply and close the assignment in one click
Send your reply and close the assignment in one click.

Finally, if a new reply is received in a closed conversation, the conversation will be moved back into the assignee’s Inbox. Only the assignee(s) will receive a notification for this new reply, not all the team members.

Note Need to balance the assigned workload? Missive lets you automatically distribute your team's workload with four distinct balancing methods. You can select one of them by creating a rule with the Assign user(s) action.

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