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What’s the purpose of the Inbox when using a Team inbox?

The Inbox is the place where you consume everything that concerns you:

  • An email is received in one of your personal accounts.
  • A coworker mentions you in a conversation.
  • A coworker invites you to a conversation you had no prior access.
  • A coworker posts a comment in a conversation you are watching.
  • A coworker assigns you to a conversation.
  • A closed conversation assigned to you is reopened.
  • A conversation you had snoozed reaches its “snoozed until” time.

You will never miss anything important as long as you monitor your Inbox closely.

The Team Inbox mailboxes offer teams a way to add a triaging step before emails reach members’ inboxes.

Some small businesses work without this triaging step; everyone just receives all emails in their Inbox, where they discuss and act on each email. Everyone archives each conversation when they see fit.

For businesses with an important flow of emails, this can get noisy. It's better if one person can clear emails for everyone at once, by either archiving or assigning the conversations… which is exactly what Team Inboxes do. When someone gets assigned to a conversation, the conversation is moved to their personal Inbox. So even if your team is using a Team Inbox, the Inbox is still everyone’s primary inbox.

Read more about assignment and team inboxes on this page.

Last updated on September 25, 2019

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