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OpenAI Integration

The OpenAI integration allows you to use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) directly in Missive, making it easier for you to generate emails, replies, and translate messages.

OpenAI enables you to be more efficient with your emails by crafting messages quickly. OpenAI can understand the context of a conversation and provide relevant replies so you can handle your emails in less time.

The integration also lets you translate messages, letting you communicate with people in different languages more easily. No more back-and-forth between your email client and your translator app when dealing with your international customers who speak various languages!

You can also use the "Prompt" option to give more context and specific instructions to the OpenAI model for more flexibility. Customizing your request enables you to receive more accurate and relevant responses.

Getting Started

To use the OpenAI integration in Missive, you first need to create an OpenAI account and generate an API key. You can have their pricing information here. You are charged by the number of words generated; unless you are generating millions of words using this integration is not expensive.

  1. With your OpenAI API key, go to the integration settings in Missive and locate the OpenAI integration.
  2. Enter your API key in the designated field and click "Add".
  3. When composing an email or reply, you will now see the OpenAI icon at the left bottom of your emails or in the sidebar.
  4. Use the "Prompt..." or "Generate reply" buttons to quickly compose emails.
  5. Translate a message by selecting the OpenAI icon at the left bottom of the message, and then choose the desired language.

Prompt engineering

The integration is fully customizable; you can ask the AI to do anything using the Prompt… menu! For repetitive tasks, you can save your prompt and easily access it using quick actions on your draft, saving you time and effort!

Save your most used prompts for easy access!
Save your most used prompts for easy access!

Prompt examples

Here are some examples of prompts you could use:

📝 Grammar & spelling

 Fix grammar and spelling errors in [selection]

💅 Improve

Improve [selection] given this context: [message]


Convert [selection] from EST to PST

🌐 Translation

Translate [selection] to language detected in [message]

😡 Annoyed tone

Reply negatively to [message] using an annoyed tone

👔 Formal tone

Rewrite [selection] with a formal tone

🕺 Casual tone

Rewrite [selection] with a casual tone

🔚 Ending

Write a sentence to end a reply to a customer request email

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