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Keep your customer data 2-way in sync across all your business apps and devices. Save hours of manual data entry. No coding required. PieSync


The PieSync integration lets you sync your Missive contacts with more than 196 other applications.

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PieSync will keep your customer data in sync across all your apps and devices. Two-way and in real-time. No more manual exporting & importing of contact lists. No more inaccurate or missing data. Intuitive and straightforward set-up in under 5 min. No coding required.

PieSync app
PieSync in action, syncing Google contacts with Missive.

Getting started

Getting started is easy, follow this link and follow the steps. With this link, you will get a $50 coupon!

Learn more

Make sure to watch this 60 seconds video to understand exactly what PieSync is all about:

Last updated on October 02, 2019

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