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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration allows you to see lead contacts, opportunities, tasks, and notes you created in Salesforce directly next to your emails in Missive. You can even create those instantly from the Salesforce integration!

The Salesforce integration also lets you choose any emails and log them directly in Salesforce to the right account or opportunity.

From your Missive settings, you can quickly share the integration with the rest of your team. Alternatively, each of your teammates can connect their own accounts.

Like all features in Missive, the Salesforce integration works on our mobile and desktop apps as well as the web version.

Create a contact or lead

Create a Salesforce contact or a lead directly in Missive

Create an opportunity

Create an opportunity in a Salesforce account

Create a task

Create a task in a Salesforce account

Create a note

Create a note in a Salesforce account

Log an email to an opportunity or an account

Log an email to a Salesforce opportunity or account

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