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Shopify Integration

The Shopify integration lets you preview your customer orders right from your inboxes next to their emails.

For each order, the integration will display the fulfillment status, tracking links, payment status, total amount, line items, note, refunds, processed date. You will also get quick links to the Shopify order and refund pages.

From your Missive settings, you can quickly share the integration with the rest of your team.

Like all features in Missive, the Shopify integration works on our mobile and desktop apps as well as the web version. On top of that, the integration design will nicely adapt to your preferred Missive theme.

Getting Started

To add the Shopify integration, you’ll be prompted for your store’s domain and an Admin Access Token.

Find your Store’s domain

The store’s domain is the part prefixing inside the admin dashboard URL. You can copy and paste it into Missive’s prompt.

Find your Admin Access Token

To get the Admin Access Token, you’ll need to create a custom app for your Shopify store. First, click Apps in the left sidebar then App and sales channel settings. From there, click Develop apps.

Click Create an app, then you’ll be prompted to give the app a name. Name it “Missive” or any name of your liking.

Head to the Configuration tab, click Configure next to Admin API integration, give the app access to the read_customers and read_orders scopes. Save the changes.

Then, go to the API credentials tab and click on Install app.

This will create your Admin Access Token. Copy and paste it into Missive’s prompt to finish the installation process.

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