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Video Chat

Video gives you the power to make an instant, personal connection. Twilio

Video Chat Integration

Sometimes a video conference is the most efficient way to collaborate. Quickly start a video call inside Missive whether your working from home, the airport, or at the office.

Missive Video Chat is the best way to meet face-to-face with coworkers. It offers you these wonderful features:

Powered by Twilio Video - Pay as you go

Missive Video Chat works on top of Twilio’s Programmable Video. To use Missive Video Chat, you first need to sign up for a Twilio account.

The advantage of using your own Twilio account is you only pay for your metered usage. Pricing starts at $0.0015 per minute for Peer-to-Peer rooms and $0.004 per minute for Group rooms.

You only need one Twilio account. You can share the integration with all your team.

Simultaneous chat and video

The chat room stays accessible when you jump on a call. Use it as a space to send attachments, links, or send a summary of the meeting once it's over.

Group room video call

In-app multitasking

The video will remain open in Missive's fourth column. This gives you the freedom to keep using the app's other features.

It's particularly handy when mid-call you want to cross-reference information from a past email, tasks, or other conversations. Need to shoot a quick email during the call? No problem.

Group room video call

Peer-to-peer video call

Have a quick call with a coworker inside a one-on-one private room.

Group room video call

Have a group call with up to 50 participants of a particular team or organization. If you have a good Internet connection, the video quality will not decrease.

Group room video call

Muting and audio-only options

We all have been in a crowded room where it's difficult to hear what others are saying. The same can happen in video conferences. That's why Missive's Video Chat offers you the ability to mute yourself or others. You can also disable the video of your camera.

Group room video call

Spotlight layout

When there are multiple participants in a call, it's easy to get lost in a grid of faces. With spotlight layout, the dominant speaker will always go to the top of the grid or you can manually pin them. The image will be bigger than the others, and you will see who has taken the stage.

Setup instructions

To enable the Video Chat integration, first sign up to Twilio and copy the Account SID and Auth token available on your dashboard:

Credentials on Twilio dashboard

Once this is done, perform these few steps:

  1. Open your Missive settings on the Integrations tab
  2. Click Add integration then Video Chat
  3. Paste the two credentials you copied from Twilio above
  4. Go to Settings, then click on Integrations and select the Video Chat one. Share the integration with the relevant stakeholders or the whole organization.
Share video chat integration

That’s it! To start video calls from Missive, open the fourth column and select the Video Chat integration.

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