Feature overview

Team Inboxes

The Team Inbox is offered as a powerful workflow setting for your shared accounts and addresses.

With this setting, new messages appear in the Team Inbox instead of the regular Inbox. The team inbox is shared among its team members, meaning that whenever a message is assigned/archived/closed, it will be removed from the Team Inbox for everyone. This is useful for teams who want a “triage” step that will clean up messages for all coworkers at once.

How to create a Team Inbox?

Go to Settings -> Teams -> Create Team.

Team Inbox

When creating a team, you can define two types of users:

Active members receive notifications for new messages. They see conversations listed in the Team Inboxes mailbox in addition to the team inbox.

Observers, on the other hand, do not receive notifications and see conversations listed in the team inbox only. This is perfect for managers who want to monitor the work being done but don’t want to be flooded with notifications.

You can also choose two assignment options for when a user replies to a message in a Team Inbox:

  • Assign the conversation to that user
  • Leave the conversation in the Team Inbox.

And also for when a user receives a reply in an already assigned conversation. Messages can be moved:

  • To the assignee's Assigned to me and Inbox
  • Back to the Team Inbox.

Finally, to make things friendlier to the eye, you can apply a color to highlight conversations assigned to the team and also a fun emoji.

How to assign conversations to a Team?

You can achieve it in many ways. Here are a few:

  • Change the sharing settings of an account or address. All incoming messages directed to this channel will arrive in the Team Inbox from this point onwards.
Team Inbox
  • Assign a specific conversation to a Team Inbox. Only this and new messages in this conversation will appear in the Team Inbox.
Team Inbox
  • Create a rule. Assigns message to a Team after the conditions are met.
Team Inbox

Use Case

Let’s say we enable the Team Inbox flow for the account sales@conferencebadge.com and select the 🎯 Sales team. All team members and observers can now see incoming messages in the 🎯 Sales team inbox from in the left sidebar of the app.

Every conversations can be assigned
You can easily assign conversations to anyone.

Active members of the Sales team can start working on support requests. Observers can have an overall view of the team's work.

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