Getting Started
Quick Start

Sign up and import your emails

The first step is to create your Missive account. You can also download our app for mobile or desktop.

You will then be offered to import your emails. This step can be skipped, but we recommend doing it right away.

Note You can delete your email account and related data from your account settings at any time.

And you’re in! Now that your emails are importing, you can setup your organization.

Create an organization

Creating an organization is the starting point of your collaborative setup. Simply click Setup my team in the left bar or go to your settings and under Organizations, click Create an organization.

  1. Choose your organization name.
  2. Invite some of your coworkers.
  3. Done! Your organization is created and your teammates are on their way. Once they join, you will see your teammates’ names appear in the left bar.
Missive signup when invited in an organization
Your invited teammates will receive an email with a link to sign up for Missive and join your organization.
Note You can create multiple organizations, but in most cases only one is needed. You can manage various business units in Missive by creating teams within your organization.

Start collaborating

With mentions, you’ll be able to communicate as you do in any messaging app using the chat box at the bottom of the conversation area. These comments are internal to your Missive organization and will not be seen by any of the email recipients.

To invite teammate(s) to a conversation, you can either type @user name, @team name or @organization name in the comment box.

When a teammate becomes active in the current conversation

Once that teammate joins, you’ll see their avatar glow with a blue border to indicate that they are currently viewing this conversation.

Note You can also click New conversation to start a chat-only conversation with your team, or as note taking for yourself.

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