Missive concepts explained

Archive a conversation
Archiving a conversation will do so just for you.

Archiving clears a conversation from your own Inbox only. If some of your teammates have that conversation in their Inbox, archiving it from yours will leave it in theirs. Once archived, conversations can be found in the All mailbox.

Closing goes hand in hand with the Unassigned and Assigned to me mailboxes.

Mark a conversation as closed

When one person closes a conversation, all their coworkers can see the following effects:

  • If the conversation was in Unassigned, it is removed from there.
  • If the conversation was assigned, it is removed from Assigned to me and Assigned to others.
  • The conversation ends up in Closed, which can be less noisy than the All mailbox to find conversations someone in your team acted on recently.

This assignment reference guide explains how you can best use these mailboxes.

One last detail: Missive automatically archives a conversation when you close it, because you likely no longer want to see a conversation in your Inbox after closing it.

Last updated on October 14, 2018

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