Is it possible to use ticket numbers, like in an help desk?

Missive doesn't offer ticket numbers like a traditional help desk application. But if you need something like ticket numbers, we have a nice workaround. In Missive, each conversation has a unique ID; this ID can act as a ticket number.

If you always want to append a ticket number to your emails, you can do so with a managed signature. If you need to insert a ticket number from time to time, you could do so manually using a canned response.

The ID of a conversation can be accessed in a canned response or a managed signature editor using the Insert Variable tool.

In both cases, the steps are the same:

  1. Create a canned response or a managed signature.
  2. Select the Insert variable tool in the canned response or managed signature editor:
    The Insert Variable tool icon in the canned response editor.
  3. Pick the variable:
    Select the option Never, even if no value found
  4. With a canned response: In a draft, simply insert this canned response to append a ticket number to your draft. With a managed signature: Configure the managed signature on your email account aliases.
  5. When a customer email you back about a specific ticket number, press Command + L on your keyboard and paste the ticket number (Conversation ID). You will be auto navigated to the conversation related to the ticket number:

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