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Learn How Growth Alliance's Distributed Team Uses Missive to Feel More Connected

Missive allows us to feel like we're working in the same room even if we're 10,000 miles apart.

James McGlade
Founder at Growth Alliance

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Growth Alliance is a marketing agency operating in the US, UK, and Australia. They are a fully remote team of ten, who partners with disruptive startups looking to make the most of their digital media investments.

We spoke with James McGlade, Growth Alliance’s founder, about how Missive has helped his distributed team feel like they’re working in the same room.

So James, what challenges led you to look for a solution like Missive?

We wanted to ensure that every client relationship was personal, and we looked for a tool that could ease the challenges of a fully remote team.

This means we often need to collaborate on correspondences and retrieve customer information from multiple sources, including our CRM.

Missive allows our team to work together to provide a personalized service by pulling all the relevant customer information together in one place. Combining chat, email, and now video calling means Missive can be the one tool we rely on. It saves us time by not having to switch back and forth between multiple apps.

It makes the onboarding of new team members simpler, too.

Missive allows our team to work together to provide a personalized service by pulling all the relevant customer information together in one place.

What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

The most important things for us were:

Clean UI

We needed an excellent user interface.

With beautiful column-design, soft grey tones, and intuitive icon usage, Missive has an enjoyable modern user interface.

Key features

Scheduling emails and commenting.

Missive offers all these features and more. See the full list.

Strong roadmap

Constant new features and rollouts.

Missive’s changelog is a busy one.

Multi-platform availability

Cross-device capabilities.

Missive is available for Mac, PC, Windows, iOS, Android, and Web-based.

How do you currently use Missive?

We currently use it for client communication, sales, and team chat as a replacement for Slack.

Draft emails with your coworkers

We also auto-bcc everything into our CRM to help our team stay on top of every client interaction. We've replaced Slack with Missive's chat functionality, and it's simplified things. It's great to be able to use one app instead of multiple ones.

We no longer have to ask ourselves, where did that PDF go?

How is Missive helping your remote team feel like they’re working in the same room?

I've tried other apps like Front, but they don't have the simplicity that Missive offers. This is key when introducing new team members to our internal tools.

Missive's mobile app is excellent, as well. Also, chatting around emails means we can work more efficiently and stay organized across different time zones.

Missive is available on iOS and Android

What are some key Missive features that you rely on the most?

  1. Internal chat

  2. Email scheduling and snoozing

  3. Auto-BCC to our CRM

  4. Canned responses

Out of all the software my team used to communicate and be productive, Missive is the one we couldn't be without.

[Missive] has totally transformed the way we get things done.

Because my team is 100% remote, we feel a lot closer, and it's now effortless to stay in sync. As a founder, this makes a huge difference.