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Hexany Audio

Hexany Audio: Orchestrating Success with Missive

By far the best product support I've ever experienced. You guys are heroes!

Richard Ludlow
Audio Director at Hexany Audio

Hexany Audio, a prominent Los Angeles-based game audio studio, specializes in sound design, music production, and voice-over for video games, VR, and interactive media. Founded in 2012 by Berklee College of Music graduates, Hexany Audio has become a leading name in the industry, working with top brands like Disney, Activision, Riot Games, and Ubisoft.

Challenges Faced

  1. Managing complex and diverse projects with high-profile clients.
  2. Need for efficient and effective external communication with various stakeholders.
  3. Balancing creative work with administrative and communication tasks.


At Hexany Audio, the adoption of Missive significantly revamped their B2B communications. Previously reliant on Slack for internal dialogues and larger projects, Missive filled a crucial gap in their external communication strategy. It enabled efficient routing of emails to the appropriate team members, enhancing responsiveness and streamlining project management processes.

Missive is essential! It has increased our team's productivity astronomically, completely evolving how we communicate with our clients.

The feature of delegating emails within the team minimized the need for separate task management systems, while private in-app discussions about emails led to more unified and effective external communications. Furthermore, Missive's robust Rule feature automated vital elements of their communication workflow, including the systematic handling and tracking of project requests, invoices, and client queries.


The implementation of Missive at Hexany Audio brought significant improvements in business efficiency and client interactions. One of the studio's major challenges—ensuring timely responses from clients—was effectively addressed with Missive, reducing instances of overlooked or lost emails. This improvement in client communication reliability was pivotal, especially given the nature of their industry.

I cannot imagine running our business without Missive!

The streamlined, automated features of Missive not only elevated their productivity but also allowed Hexany Audio to concentrate more on their expertise in sound design and music production, thereby fostering a more creative and efficient work environment.