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How Missive Supercharged Senders' Operations

I’ll never use an other email client because I can’t do any of the things that I need to do, I just can't do them without Missive anymore.

Benny Rubin
CEO at Senders

We spoke with Benny Rubin, CEO at Senders, a company that specializes in helping B2B firms scale their cold email outreach. From its inception, the firm has maintained a fully remote work model, comprising a lean team of 15 employees.

Learn why Benny Rubin from Senders has been using Missive for years!

For an agency like Senders, efficient and smooth communication is the lifeblood of their operation. To ensure optimal communication, Senders chose Missive as its primary tool.


Before incorporating Missive into their workflow, the Senders team grappled with the limitations of traditional email applications. This included the inability to share drafts, mention and chat with team members in the context of emails, sharing emails without internal forwarding, and automate key processes.

Benny Rubin of Senders expressed his frustration with these archaic systems, recounting numerous instances when having to navigate these email constraints negatively impacted his team’s efficiency and responsiveness.

When you're talking about a client or talking about a specific communication from a client, whether it be in Slack or somewhere else. The natural thing to do now is, oh, mention me on Missive.


With Missive, Senders found a powerful solution that redefined their email communication. The platform’s myriad features, such as internal chat, rules engine, and the ability to mention team members for immediate visibility of a conversation, transformed email from an individual task into a team-based activity.

The ability to transfer communication threads seamlessly between team members without the traditional "forward" or breaking the conversation's flow proved invaluable. It allowed Senders to address client queries efficiently, regardless of the initial recipient. Furthermore, Rubin highlights how Missive's interface became his sole interaction point for emails, abandoning direct access to Gmail altogether. He emphasized that the functionalities offered by Missive have now become his definition of what email should be.


Thanks to Missive, Senders has been able to enhance client satisfaction by ensuring quick and efficient responses to queries. Even when faced with challenges, such as a client addressing a question to the wrong person, the team could swiftly redirect the communication to the right member without causing delays or breaking the conversation's continuity.

For Rubin, the productivity boost that Missive provides, especially when dealing with frequent communications, outweighs the costs, making it a non-negotiable tool in their operational stack. Rubin even goes on to note that he would cut other popular tools, like Slack, before parting with Missive. The quick onboarding process and stellar customer support offered by Missive further solidified its indispensable role within Senders workflow.