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Missive’s design, product and support are great!

Andrew R. on MongoDB Podcast 🔊

It’s @missiveapp. Tried everything but this is hands down the best for working with an EA, team inboxes, chat and SMS.

Christine Carrillo on Twitter

I really like the flexibility of this platform! I just merged a conversation with chat messages into a conversation with e-mail messages. 😎 ✨

S. Bongaards | WSR Media

Collaboration made easy

Effortlessly collaborate on live chat messages from your customers using tools like:

Take advantage of our innovative collaboration tools to improve your customer service experience.

Live chat messages in a Missive conversation

Fully customizable

The chat widget is highly customizable, integrating smoothly with your website’s look and feel.

Additionally, Missive Live Chat offers multilingual support, allowing you to modify or translate the widget text as needed.

Identify visitors & authenticate users

Missive Live Chat messages include visitor data, such as name and email address. Everything is visible directly from the contacts in the sidebar.

You can also choose to allow visitors to chat anonymously or require identification. For signed-in users, Missive automatically authenticates them, enhancing their experience and saving them time.

See visitor data in Missive sidebar
Schedule when your chat is live on your website

Automation & schedules

Missive Live Chat lets you create automation rules to perform actions or send messages based on specific conditions, like your business hours.

Additionally, you can configure your online/offline status according to your team's availability or a pre-set schedule.

Automatic email follow-up

Ensure that your customers always receive an answer using the automatic email follow-up feature.

If a reply remains unread for a specified period, Missive forwards a conversation summary to the visitor's email address, ensuring they don't miss it.

Missive will do automatic email follow-up
Emojis picker in the live chat widget

Rich live chat

Our Live Chat supports file exchange, making it easy for both you and your customer to attach images, PDFs, and other files in the chat.

With read status, you always know if someone has read a message or not, even if the customer no longer responds.

Plus, we support emojis so you and your customers can really express yourselves.

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