Create and assign tasks

Create and assign tasks

In Missive, a task is quite simple: it’s a comment with a checkbox. It is either completed or uncompleted. A task can be assigned to one person or multiple people.

When you’re assigned to a task, the related conversation gets added to your Assigned to me mailbox. If all your tasks in a conversation are completed, the conversation gets removed from your Assigned to me mailbox.

You can easily view and take action on all the tasks created inside a conversation by clicking the X of Y tasks summary in the conversation list.

It’s really easy to create tasks only with the keyboard. First, to auto select the comment input, start typing your task description, then switch to task mode by pressing Command + Shift + X on Mac or Control + Shift + X on other platforms.

Alternatively, just type “[ ]” or “- [ ]” at the beginning of your comment. You can also create multiple tasks at once and assign a task to teammates by mentioning them in the task input using the @ sign.

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