Watch conversations to be notified on new activity

Watch conversations to be notified on new activity

By default Missive won’t notify you of chat comments in conversations you have archived. However, if you want a specific conversation to come back to your Inbox on any new activity (reply, task change or comment) then you can start watching it before archiving.

Users assigned to a conversation automatically watch the conversation.

You can enable settings to automatically start watching when you post a comment, create a draft, create a task or create the conversation:

Open your settings, go to the Preferences tab, search for 'watch'.

This ensures you’ll be notified on relevant activity, so you can always archive conversations you contributed to with no fear of missing out.

At any time, you can click the eye at the top right to start or stop watching a conversation:

It is also possible to create a rule that automatically watches/unwatches conversations after certain conditions are met.


Watched: Every new message, comment and task change will bring the conversation back to your Inbox.

Unwatched: Chat @mentions will move the conversation back to your Inbox. It will also be moved back when receiving a reply (email, SMS, etc) that is sent to your personal account or if the conversation is assigned to you.

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