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Watch conversations to be notified on new activity

By default Missive won’t notify you on new activity for conversations you have Archived or Trashed. However, if you want a specific conversation to come back in your Inbox on any new activity (new reply or comment) then you can simply mark it as Watched before Archiving it.

By default you will always be watching conversations where you have commented or created a draft. And you can manually watch or stop watching any conversation by clicking the eye icon at the top right.

Toggle a conversation watch state in Missive

This ensures that you’re only notified on relevant activity and that you can archive conversations with no fear of missing out.

Read receipt notifications

To get live notifications when people open/read emails sent by a teammate you must watch the conversation in which the email was sent from.


Unwatched: Only emails sent to one of your email accounts or @mentions from your teammates will move the conversation back to your Inbox.

Watched: Every new email and comment will bring back the conversation in your Inbox. Every time you contribute to a conversation (write a comment or an email), you automatically start watching it. But you can click the eye at the top right of the conversation to stop watching it.

Last updated on October 30, 2017

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