Create team chats to share notes and ideas

Create team chats to share notes and ideas

As an alternative to creating a new email, Missive also gives you the possibility to create a new team chat to share ideas with your team on a specific subject or before sending an important email.

This opens up a lot of new opportunities for team collaboration:

  • Share anything with your team and discuss it asynchronously without sending group emails
  • Keep a knowledge base of your ideas and conversations (notes)
  • Create a project-specific repository of feedback and to-do’s
Protip You can change the topic of any conversations by clicking on the subject.

You can also cross-reference conversations or group emails with similar topics. To do so, share a conversation’s link (right-click in conversation list → Copy link) in another conversation. A snippet of the linked conversation will appear for anyone who has access to it.

Snippet previewing a conversation in another conversation. This is achieved with conversation links.

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