Refer or chat about a specific message or conversation

Refer to or chat about a specific message or conversation?

In Missive, each conversation and message has its own unique URL that you can reference in your own system to keep a track record of different actions.

What's really useful and unique to Missive is that you can also paste those links in any other Missive conversation to directly reference a message or a conversation:

Use cases:

  • Discuss with colleagues about a specific message in a sub-conversation.
  • Keep track of specific messages/conversations where your customers asked for a common thing.
  • Resurface an important message received a long time ago at the end of the conversation, so the message is not lost in all the other recent ones.
  • Reference a message in a private one-to-one chat you have with a colleague.

You can get a message URL by clicking the Copy link option in any message context menu:

You can get a conversation URL by selecting a conversation and pressing Ctrl + C (Command + C on Mac) or by right-clicking a conversation preview and selecting the Copy link option:

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