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Embracing the Speed and Flexibility of Missive

It just works. You can really use it and you can share things in a way that is predictable.

Zack Buchman
CEO at Uncute

Nestled in the vibrant district of Soho, New York, is Uncute, a brainchild of Zack Buchman. Rooted in a background of design, comic artistry, and puppet design, Zack's passion for creativity is reflected in every unique creation his company produces. Over the years, Zack and Uncute have not only developed a line of avant-garde toys, clothes but have also collaborated on projects spanning music videos and TV shows, with the Missy Elliott and Pharrell collaboration being a notable highlight.

Missy Elliott - WTF (Where They From) featuring creation from the team at Uncute

As the brand grew, attracting a diverse clientele and garnering attention from various industries, so did the challenges associated with managing communications and customer interactions. This case study explores how Missive came to the rescue, providing a unified platform to streamline and optimize Uncute communication needs.

The challenge

As Uncute expanded its product range and customer base, Zack found himself juggling multiple communication platforms. With emails from clients, PR opportunities, and customer service inquiries pouring in from various channels, managing these became increasingly cumbersome.

Having tried multiple platforms like Gorgias and Front, Zack found them either too restrictive, clunky, or lacking in real-time efficiency. Searching for an email client that was both fast and flexible became a priority.

The solution

Enter Missive. Described by Zack as "fast and flexible," Missive stood out as the clear solution to Uncute's communication challenges. Here's what made Missive a game-changer for Uncute:

I like the clarity of the comments in Missive, the fact that you don't have to message people on Slack and then kind of try to find things. It's all there.

  1. Unified Communication: Missive brought all client management under one roof. Whether it was CRM, existing clients, PR opportunities, or any team-based email tasks, everything found a home on Missive.

  2. Real-Time Efficiency: Unlike other platforms that Zack tried, Missive's real-time functionality meant no more delays. Searching for emails, sending responses, or accessing features became lightning-fast.

  3. Flexibility: Missive didn’t impose unnecessary limitations. Whether it was the use of variables in responses or the intuitive comment feature for team collaborations, the platform was built for ease and adaptability.

  4. Direct Support: One of the standout features for Zack was Missive's direct, human approach to customer support. No roundabouts, no chasing – just straightforward solutions.

  5. Integration: Uncute used Missive's integration with Shopify and built custom integrations for other platforms using Retool, streamlining their workflow even further.

Your support is great. I mean, it's very straightforward. It's very much geared toward actually answering a question.

The outcome

Missive became the backbone of Uncute's communication processes. The clarity it brought to team collaborations, especially with the comment feature, eliminated the need to bounce back and forth between platforms. The speed and efficiency of the platform made communication a breeze, allowing Uncute to focus on what they do best: creating remarkable toys.

It's a very fast email client. You guys are very flexible... It's weird. It just works.

For creative businesses like Uncute, where every email can be a unique challenge, having a platform that is both swift and adaptable is crucial. Missive proved to be that solution, underlining the importance of speed, flexibility, and human touch in modern business communication.