Missive Reviews

It’s so good!

Adam Lehman ∙ CEO at The Wonder Jam on Twitter

10x better than Front

@sahin on Twitter

Missive is fantastic.

Scott Tolinski on Twitter

In love with Missive ❤

Fabiana Neves on Twitter

@missiveapp is amazing.

Tal Mor on Twitter

@missiveapp is amazing!

Lukas Gentele ∙ CE at Loft Labs on Twitter

Big fan of Missive here as well!

Jeroen Buggenhoudt ∙ Founder at Conversal on Twitter

Finally order in our 10 mailboxes.

Sven Cautaerts | Project 12

You will NEVER regret using @missiveapp

Janeth Gömez on Twitter

Such a joy to use! Fantastic support. :)

TakeHold on Trustpilot

Love Missive! Glad to see them doing well.

J.N Turing on Twitter

This is an amazing app, a huge time saver!


You guys have the best customer service ever!

Alison Hall | Business Manager | Recruitomics Consulting

Great product and even better customer support.

Ryan Rizos on Trustpilot

Missive’s design, product and support are great!

Andrew R. on MongoDB Podcast 🔊

Missive is the email client I didn’t know I want.

Daniel Platon on Twitter

@missiveapp is the best email app I've ever used.

Dan Lourenço on Twitter

You guys have the best support I have ever dealt with.

Todd Bogert | RGSiteBuilder

@missiveapp Thanks for the fantastic support as always!

7LFreight on Twitter

Our team uses Missive and it’s been game changer for us!

Adam Lehman on Twitter

@missiveapp great app and awesome support

Barrett Shepherd 📦 on Twitter

We use @missiveapp to collaborate as a team and it's amazing.

Jesus from lowcode.agency on Twitter

Missive is awesome, totally changed the way we work as a business.

Jonathan Julian | Scratch

And now I have the speed of Superhuman with all the team features.

Damien Hottelier

Check out @missiveapp. It is outstanding and has great integrations.

Gaurav on Twitter

It’s crazy how good your support is, especially fast and responsible.

Dennis Oderwald | YAY! Digital GmbH

We are a (very) happy @missiveapp customer. Would definitely recommend.

Maarten Draijer on Twitter

Missive is a great product that we love using. Congrats on the success!

Peter Faist on Twitter

It's just exactly what an email app should be doing! I would definately recommend it!

Guillaume Leblanc on Google Play

Love Missive, the guys behind are brilliant to work with. They make great improvements. A+

Isaak Dury ∙ Founder at TidyHQ on Twitter

We use @missiveapp - great product and super helpful team.

Owen McCrink on Twitter

Missive might actually be the coolest thing to happen to team communication.

Sam Wight on Twitter

Thanks so much for the help and the stellar product. It literally blows my mind!

Craig Martin | Co-Founder | Kujo

Fantastic app. Helps us keep all our communications with customers in one place.

Bimbola Carrol on Google Play

How have I not tried @missiveapp ?? Tremendous mobile apps, both Android and iOS.

./scott📊 on Twitter

By far the best product support I've ever experienced. You guys are heroes. 🙇‍♂️

Richard Ludlow | Audio Director at Hexany Audio

Fantastic product and design. This is simply superb to use and buttery smooth.

Vijay Narayan | Business Dynamiks

If someone asked me for the best email client I knew, I'd currently say @missiveapp

Chris Isak on Twitter

Blows my mind! Great product with exceptional support! Highly recommend!

Kelsey Martin on Google Play

Excellent email client. Beautifully done, highly functional, versatile, highly recommended.

Ido P. on Capterra

Every time I compare email clients, @missiveapp always wins by a landslide. It’s so superior.

William Nutt on Twitter

I really can’t see myself using any other email client than @missiveapp. I think I’m in love.

Sarah Jean ☕ Coffee Queen on Twitter

I just have to tell you; Missive is outstanding product design. Keep up the great work!

Chris Muktar | WikiJob

I’ve been using your product for years and rave about it to people all the time FYI! I love it!

Jim Clement on Millennial Web Development

We are very happy with it overall it has totally revolutionized how we communicate as a company.

Andrew Stern | Be Electric

Missive hands down. Switched from Front about 12 months ago and it’s pretty great.

Chris McElligott on Twitter

By the way, I really like Missive! After Zendesk, Gmelius, Hiver and Frontapp, this is a real relief.

Herman E. | Straetus Incasso Belgium

I can safely say Missive has been the most revolutionary change in our process optimization this year.

Tim Renders ∙ CEO at Entre les lignes Agency on LinkedIn

You guys are amazing in your support. Don’t think I’ve used a product with better support than Missive!

Owen McCrink | Digital Basis

I love Missive, solid product and so great for my EA and I to collaborate on my email.

Joel Gascoigne ∙ CEO at Buffer on Twitter

Dude missive is just the best. Absolute master craft piece of software. Love using it daily.

Damien C. Tanner on Twitter

We use @missiveapp - great product and super helpful team. Been using for nearly 4 years now.

Owen McCrink on Twitter

The best app for managing your communication processes with a team. You can't get better.

Will Matthiessen on Trustpilot

Holy smokes the Missive chat feature is 🔥 - I was able to get it up and running on my lunch break today, bravo.

Jefe on Twitter

I just wanted to say thank you guys!

Missive is really great.

It really improved our productivity.

Thomas SCHANG on Missive Feedback

I like how fast emails send and receive. Everything is synchronized and up-to-date at all times.

Chris F. on Capterra

The more I get into Missive, the more I love it. Really well thought out and very nice, clean interface. Love it.

Jonathan Nguyen | The Creative Services Company

The reliability of the platform is really important to me. I’ve never had a hiccup with Missive.

Francesco D’Alessio on YouTube

I’m totally impressed with what you’ve been able to do with a team of that size. Excited to see how things evolve.

James Jackson

You guys have one of the best business software in the world. Every business should have this as an essential tool.

Jimmy Albert on Twitter

@missiveapp is a great product and I also had great interaction and prompt responses about problems

brenouchoa on Twitter

Awesome app! It’s hard to find fault with it and I am very fussy when it comes to apps and their UI and functionality.

Patrick Fallon | Fallon Photography

It’s @missiveapp. Tried everything but this is hands down the best for working with an EA, team inboxes, chat and SMS.

Christine Carrillo on Twitter

I’d highly recommend @missiveapp - the iOS, web and Mac apps are fully featured / seamless experience.

Tomás (TJ) Dardet Preston on Twitter

Love what the @missiveapp team is doing to let us build custom integrations with @retool, and it keeps getting better 💎

Thibaut Tiberghien ∙ CTO at Smplrspace on Twitter

Just moved across from Front - the price affordability, simplicity and UX is epic. Absolute raving fan.

Matthew Church

Missive is a handy app to merge multiple email boxes in one app. Simple, convenient and efficient! Keep up the good work!

Steve on Trustpilot

You guys are the bomb and I will be letting everyone I know about this app and how helpful you’ve been!!

Kim Miller

Having come from Front, Missive is really impressing me so far. Perfect for startups like us. Keep at it!

Tom Wrench | ThinkFizz

I'm a huge fan of @missiveapp (great for sharing emails, multiple inboxes and even includes a basic chat support widget)

Anne Thomas on Twitter

I love Missive!! Heard about you from The Syntax Podcast and I am hooked! Thanks for making such a great app that just WORKS!

Mikey Mann | JYM Supplement Science

What a well design product @missiveapp it is! The best #imap client for shared inboxes and collaboration 🙌🏻.

Billy the kid on Twitter

Amazing! I can think of us without Missive! Thinks like It’s email chat feature has allowed to work collaboratively very easy.

Diego D. on Capterra

First of all, thanks for creating the best email app out here. I’ve tried them all but this is the best by far!


Amazing app. Works as expected, even better than paid and well known apps. Support team fast reply to my enquiry and very helpful.

Ammy Z. on Google Play

Absolutely adore Missive. I've been using it for 4 years now and couldn't think of a better way to collaborate externally.

Jeremy Cai ∙ CEO at Italic.com on Product Hunt

IMO Missive is better than the stock macOS Mail app. It handles dark mode better + a ton of other cool features including API calls.

Zeyad on Twitter

Gotta say @missiveapp really is a delightful shared inbox solution. Using it for email support right now it's a pleasure to use.

Damien C. Tanner on Twitter

Missive is the single most brilliant collaboration app on the market, and one of the most exciting platforms I’ve encountered in YEARS.

Graham Seymour | The Seymour Group

Having tested all of your competitors, we can guarantee that Missive is by far the best communication tool to collaborate around email.

Stéphan Huyvenaar | Horyzon

Check out @missiveapp it’s very good with AI and team boxes so great to have a VA involved etc. fairly priced as well.

Isaak Dury on Twitter

The absolute best email client. Nothing else to say, and I tried many, many email clients. Try it and you will love it.

Patrick on Trustpilot

Missive is awesome for so many reasons! Hands down the best personal and team inbox tool we've tried 🙌

Danielle on Twitter

I really like the flexibility of this platform! I just merged a conversation with chat messages into a conversation with e-mail messages. 😎 ✨

S. Bongaards | WSR Media

Our team recently upgraded from janky Google Groups to Missive and — WOW. Can’t imagine how we handled social media + group emails without it!

Ashley Shuler on Twitter

Missive is the best app I’ve ever used. Not just for messaging. It is the best app I’ve ever seen period. Unbelievably reliable and powerful at a killer price point.

MacKenzie Brackett 👕 on Twitter

Missive is brilliant. Not just in terms of functionality, but you can tell it’s a well coded and properly executed app by people who know their stuff.

Adam Sanders | RiskBase

Why did nobody tell me how rad @missiveapp is? If the answer is 'I didn't know' and you share inboxes with a team, you should rectify that.

Andy Fossett ∙ Nominal leader at GMB Fitness on Twitter

First of all, just to say how much I love using Missive! It's over 18 months since I signed up and it's transformed teamworking for my business.

Tania Houston | Roundcontrol

It took the @missiveapp team one day to add a feature that I asked them about O_O
Incredible the agility that being a well-oiled small team gives you.

Carlos Sánchez on Twitter

Un día ha tardado el equipo de @missiveapp en añadir una funcionalidad por la que les he preguntado O_O Increíble la agilidad que te da ser un equipo pequeño bien engrasado.

Carlos Sánchez on Twitter

I’m going to sing the praises of Missive again. Sharing founder emails & supporting each other by ghost writing them, sorting them, etc. is super valuable.

Boris Mann on Twitter

Finally found a decent EMail Management / Shared Inbox Software that is extremly powerful, very polished and intuitive and, most of all, affordable. @missiveapp

Jimmy Gee ʕ•̫͡•ʔ on Twitter

It’s awesome how fast you guys react to issues and actually try to fix them. We’ve got more SAAS contracts but you guys are definitely the best.

Roel van der Zanden | VDZ trading

Wow, I’m working with Missive for few hours and It’s just perfect. If you want to share your inbox with a team (or at least 1 person) it’s AMAZING.

Kitze on Twitter

I have never seen customer support like you all provide. It’s such a HUGE relief knowing I can work 100% of the time out of Missive in 2020. A Christmissive miracle!

Jessica Martin, PhD on Twitter

I’ve migrated my team over from Front and we’re all much happier with Missive. It really is a great product and the best email client I’ve ever used!

Ged Day | Herdl

I don't know how I did email before Missive, esp since I work with a VA. We have all kinds of rules, canned responses and workflows setup that make email so much easier.

Jimmy Daly ∙ CEO at Superpath on LinkedIn

We switched from Spark to Missive lately and I gotta say it's a huge upgrade! Feels like a really well put together app. Hoping to bring more folks from the team into it.

Tim Richardson

We recently switched over to Missive from Spark Mail and so far I have been impressed with your platform. Nice and responsive, good feature set. I like that you have an API.

Scott Harris | BhA Inc.

Easy to set up and use after switching over from Front. Bit of a better fit for our small team to manage influencer relationships and move campaigns forward in a timely fashion.

Bayo O. on Capterra

Are you looking for a sick email (and team email!) client? give Missive a try! ... thanks Syntax FM this Cordova with Backbone and React app is amazing, feels like native indeed!

Eduardo Rabelo on Twitter

The product is incredibly well designed, and the customer support is among the best I’ve ever seen! Highly recommend for teams looking to collaborate within email!

Craig Martin on Google Play

Was one of the first Front users. But switched a long time ago to @missiveapp. Better in so many ways. And with realistic pricing. Never looked back.

 Jean-Paul Otto on Twitter

I have tried every single reasonable Android (non-Samsung) email option available and Missive checks every single box for me in a way that every other application falls short (cont...)

Brad Vicroy on Google Play

Gosh I’ve been loving Missive for email. Even if I wasn’t using it for shared inboxes / support, I’d still use the desktop + iPhone app for processing email - it’s fantastic.

Wes Bos on Twitter

Missive is outstanding. It keeps our team efficient and focused as we work toward keeping our clients happy. The Android app is a perfect companion to the desktop experience.

Rex B. on Google Play

Not an agency, but @missiveapp has been AMAZING for our virtual team’s inbox. Well-designed, powerful, and super easy to start using. I have no idea how we operated without it!

Layla at ProcessDriven on Twitter

Using Missive now and very happy with it. The founders are insanely good at customer support—to the point they are the model I use with for customer support goals. Recommend giving them a look.

John Harsch on Twitter

Have used both (Front & Missive) and can say that Missive is definitely better:

- better UI
- rapid releases
- incredible support

Highly recommend!

Kevin K. on Twitter

Simple, beautiful and efficient. We switched from Spark to Front and then from Front to Missive! Missive is a beautifully crafted app, simple and efficient! Keep up the good work!

Eduard Ichim on Trustpilot

Missive is the best modern email client. We were able to move 20-30% of our Slack communication to Missive. Team members can share collaborate on emails, no forwarding. We can assign tasks in email.

Sahin on Twitter

Congratulations! I think you guys have not only built an amazing app but also provide an amazing level of support. Hard to believe there is so few of you. Keep up the excellent work!

Bimbola Carrol | VSL TRAVEL

Just wanna thank the @missiveapp team for creating their amazing email managing software. You guys deserve to be heard of so much more. Anyone looking for a team shared email box, go try missiveapp.com

Lech Sokolowski on Twitter

Love, love, love Missive. The lads are excellent with their onboarding and support. I have no idea how such a little team does so much at such a high level - it is truly inspirational.

Isaak Dury on Capterra

Love your mailbox again! Winter lasted for quite awhile in my relationship with my email. I was shopping around looking for a better mail client instead of blindly following the herd. I’m in love again!

Renata George on Twitter

I'm loving it! I only stumbled across you folks by chance, but was enticed by it's advertised flexibility and decided to give it a go. To my absolute delight, it's exactly what I needed it to be!

James William | Cupboard

You guys have built an amazing app, helps deliver great customer service. Took us about three years to settle on your app, having tested and been through quite a few. Zero regrets! Massive respect, Missive 😁

Bims ++🇸🇱++ on Twitter

Missive helps my team and I stay focused. Keeping us from flipping screens helps us get things done. Missive delivers on this front with its basic philosophy about asynchronous communication.

Trevor G. on G2 Crowd

I fell in love with Missive after hearing about in a Syntax FM episode. Has been a real game changer for me. It’s especially great if you need to manage something like a support mail account with multiple folks.

Philipp Nowinski on Twitter

Missive’s shared team inboxes launched a new way of working for our sales and support teams at Simbase. Hands down the most flexible, intuitive and affordable way of dealing with emails as a team.

Roel van der Meer | Simbase.com

Also, the @missiveapp team are super helpful and very responsive. We trialled Front at one point and found the support just wasn’t the same, and the pricing for Front was just so much higher and not worth it for us.

Tom Dobson 〓〓 on Twitter

Ended up following this advice by @thekitze, and wow Missive is so great. "Gmail is overrated. Use Missive instead of Gmail, especially if you have an assistant or a team answering your emails, it’s amazing."

Fabrizio Rineldi on Twitter

This is great. Honestly this is why I chose Missive over the competition. I’ve been a customer less than a month and I’ve been talking to the CEO and CTO and my concerns are quickly addressed! Great job!

Vladimir | Sunshine Starts

I am a paid subscriber of many email clients and using them eveyday @SpikeNowHQ , @Superhuman, @heyhey, @SparkMailApp . I use each of them for a specific need. @missiveapp is the best one for @remoteteamcom for many reasons.

@sahin on Twitter

I am a paid subscriber of many email clients and using them eveyday @SpikeNowHQ , @Superhuman, @heyhey, @SparkMailApp . I use each of them for a specific need. @missiveapp is the best one for @remoteteamcom for many reasons.

Sahin on Twitter

I have just discovered Missive and am very impressed so far! I have been waiting for over 12 months for Spark to add a Windows app for my team and if I knew you existed I would have made the jump a year ago.

Ash Huxtable | Vehicle Safety Flags

Complete game changer of a platform, best way to handle business email. Team is always adding new features and the customer support is insane. Often the CEO or the CTO responding to your query within 30 mins

D Collins on Trustpilot

You guys have built an amazing app, helps deliver great customer service. Took us about three years to settle on your app, having tested and been through quite a few. Zero regrets! Massive respect, Missive 😁

Bims ++🇸🇱++ on Twitter

The one tool that has had the biggest positive impact on the way I work this year… Missive. The tools it provides to help work through email and internal communication as a team have been incredibly powerful.

Zee M. Kane on Twitter

Hot tip: You don’t have to work with a team to utilize @missiveapp. I use the teams feature to separate emails by which function of my business I’m working in. I write notes to myself, too. There’s never inbox clutter anymore.

Sarah Jean ☕ Coffee Queen on Twitter

All our team love Missive, after trying 3 alternatives, working in Missive is a relief. Finally an App interface that is easy, flexible, intuitive and powerful - it does exactly what we wanted for emails collaboration and chat

Francoise Guyaux on Trustpilot

99.9% of email apps are shit. It’s probably the most important communication tool that evolves the slowest. For years I was just a Gmail + Outlook guy. But if you work in a team, check out Missive. Highly recommend.

Jett Wells on Twitter

I went through quite a few support/shared inbox apps, and looked at Missive quite a bit before deciding to take the leap. We haven't looked back since. The app has improved in ways I didn't imagine. Keep up the excellent work!

Bims. on Twitter

Just moved my entire Sales Team into Missive. Game changer for us. Next step is to move our entire Support Team then IT Team then Admin Team! Also the Android App actually works with advanced features without any bugs! Which is great.

Sarfaraz Juma on Trustpilot

We aren’t using all of the features that it has, and we likely never will, but there is really one key feature that is killer — comments! It’s weird to think of comments in the area of email, but the way Missive handles it is brilliant.

Mickey Mellen | GreenMellen

It’s easy to complain about the various tools I use every day, but Missive is a pretty great email support tool that my team uses every day and I enjoy quite a bit. Helps us stay organized without stepping on each other.

Dave Wiskus on Twitter

Missive is an absolutely brilliant product that has transformed communication within my small design business. Many thanks for all of the fine-tuning that you and your team continue to do. I’m glad to be a paying customer.

Eric Nevin | Blackletter Inc.

So happy we use Missive. We’ve used them for several years, since they were an early-stage startup. It’s been really great to see the product and company mature, and we’ll definitely continue to use Missive for many years.

Andrew R. ∙ Co-founder at Canny on Capterra

The team inbox feature is simply incredible. It allows our team to chat between responses to our customers or suppliers to make sure we say the correct things and that we have all the information needed before sending those emails (cont...)

Phil Langlois on Capterra

Missive adds enhanced teamwork, communication and process flow to emails and much more. I love the dev's attention to functionality and useability, while not getting drowned in features, which can be hard to avoid. Excellent support too.

Simon Tye on Trustpilot

Missive makes life so much easier with the team chat! Having the ability to tag and chat with the team regarding an email is a tool I didn't know I was missing. Their customer support is great with fast responses on any questions I have :)

Ellie Bonanno on Trustpilot

I love how often features and updates are offered. It really eases my mind that Missive will be around for a long time.

We love Missive so much we recently recommended Missive to a customer of ours. Keep up the good work.

Phil Parrish | Atelier Design

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with Missive app. It’s been well received by my team and a lot more elegant than the tool we previously used, Front. Your crew has also been responsive when I’ve had questions.

Todd Wiener | ibidmobile.net

Unified inbox, sending alias in gmail works. Swipe gestures in the iOS app are amazing. It’s beautiful, automation rules for incoming emails. Snippets for responses, it’s a small awesome team in Canada. It’s just a perfect app for me.

ninjaparade on Twitter

Missive just keeps getting better. Constantly adding new features with no compromise. The new calendar support is no exception ... looks great and works really well. I made two suggestions for improvement and both added within days. Thanks team ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Matt Delmarter on Twitter

We're big fans of good products (naturally). So we're very strategic when it comes to the tools we use.

@missiveapp and @recruitee are just 2 examples of the tools we use daily and absolutely love. Everything from design to ease of use is on point.

Canny on Twitter

I implemented @missiveapp for our print and web agency (@NettlExeter) over three years ago and it’s been the best thing we ever did. We have around 10 team members and things like rules help us with SLA for support and enquiries. Email sharing and teams is just awesome.

Tom Dobson 〓〓 on Twitter

Missive has totally changed how we collaborate over email, for the better. Being able to quickly tag my co-founders in a thread and giving them immediate context is very powerful for us. Would definitely recommend for any team looking to up their stack.

Jordan Walker | Yac

I’m really looking forward to making Missive my email client of choice in 2019 and beyond - you guys have truly done an absolutely incredible job. I’ve tried literally every email client and was never happy with any of them until I finally met Missive :)

Alex Panagis | ScaleMath

Just a quick note to let you know that I have never loved an email client this much. Been trying out different apps and they never quite worked the way I want them to, but this one is fantastic! Very snappy and the Rules and Integrations look really good.

Mark Labrecque

Our team wants to thank your team for all of your hard work over these last few years building Missive. We’re very pleased with how much it’s improving our workflow as compared to what we were using which was a combination of Google for Work accounts, HelpScout, and Slack.

Rex B. | Intersect.Marketing

Can't recommend enough. Easy to set up and use after switching over from Front. Bit of a better fit for our small team to manage influencer relationships and move campaigns forward in a timely fashion. Haven't found any couns so far. Really intuitive and user-friendly.

Bayo O. on Capterra

Saved from email, chat and task mayhem!** Slick integration with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) emails, multiple users and accounts, with chat threads and Trello integration. Having all three in one place makes juggling work oneself and with others very effective.

Simon T. on Capterra

Since this week, we’ve been using @missiveapp for our email and support handling at @datatovalue - this really is a game changer. Our ability to collaborate within our (native) email apps saves us so much time and provides customers with a better experience. Happy customers.

Rick Dronkers on Twitter

I highly recommend Missive to any team looking for a comprehensive and efficient shared inbox solution. Whether you are a small business, startup, or large corporation, Missive has everything you need to manage your communications and work collaboratively in one place.

Konstantinos on Capterra

Please give your team a high five for your fantastic customer service and great product 🤩 We are very impressed and happy with Missive, and it makes running our small business so much easier than traditional email clients. And you guys blow your competitors out of the water in terms of value for money 🙏

Remi A. Netteland | Managing Partner | Media Sør Productions

The Missive product is very, very good ... maybe great. It’s optimized the way we communicate by simple threading and integrations built around conversations (“email subjects”) instead of channels. We still use Slack heavily but more convos moving to Missive. Nice job folks!

Jason Evans on Twitter

For the 2+ years that I’ve utilized Missive, the pace of iteration has been blistering. New features are added weekly, and the community dictates the development through a suggestion/voting mechanism. The team itself is the single most responsive team of any SaaS I’ve ever used.

E. on Trustpilot

It's been about a week for us full time. I was super hesitant to make the switch. I can really see the value in what you have created and so much feature. When comparing to Front and what they are asking for their software you guys crush them. We are chatting all around emails too which is nice.

Steve Burdick | Galveston Computer Solutions LLC

Missive is an important tool for companies that have many conversations with customers and internally. The tools in Missive help us keep track of and group all communications in the company. This leads to a better workflow internally, but also higher quality of service to our customers and suppliers.

Sweden on Trustpilot

Missive is what e-mail should be. That's it really. It's the difference between commando rolling on the floor to get everywhere and then one day realising you can actually walk! It's incredible and has changed everything we do and the way we do it, I will never, ever, work again without Missive.

Lloyd on Trustpilot

Discovering Missive has been an absolute game-changer for our team! As the CEO of the company, the built-in integrations have saved me a ton of hours, and I can't even begin to express how much I appreciate that. Honestly, Missive has been a real lifesaver for our growing team. Keep up the awesome work!

Egor Dubrovsky on Trustpilot

I am absolutely beyond obsessed with Missive. It is literally the secret weapon I’m using to manage and sort through 7 email accounts and over 1,800 emails per day by myself and I’m in there for maybe an hour and a half, what used to be 4 hours. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Nicole on Twitter

Our team at Dreamers & Doers has LOVED using Missive. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer/member support and Missive allows us to do exactly this. We used to have a lot of emails go back and forth between team members, now we can just collaborate within Missive! It's fantastic!

Gesche Haas on Product Hunt

Missive has been phenomenal, and has changed the way our team collaborates. We are over the moon about the service that Missive provides for us, and are always excited to see the different updates and news letters that they provide. We recommend Missive to many friends in colleagues in all different industries.

Madelyn on Capterra

Better than Front -- and also better value. I switched my team from Front. Front is flashier but Missive is just.. better. Better features, better value overall. This obviates the need for Slack and helps my team keep internal and external communications in order and in motion. Highly recommend.

Benny Rubin on Trustpilot


I spent no less than 10 hours this last week researching what solution I’m going to use for doing shared inbox stuff on my little 3 person team and without a doubt, I’m ECSTATIC that I found Missive and that you all did the hard work to make it exist.

Thanks much.

Anthony Twig Wheeler | Crack in the Concrete

Your product is amazing.

I tell people who want to hear it that it’s on par with the leap that Gmail brought to email.
Email —> Gmail —> Missive
In terms of making me more efficient at dealing with email.

No small feat. And I have tried *a lot* of clients and solutions.

Pierre Steckmeyer | OXIO

Top-notch team email systems/processes using @missiveapp. It has made working with parents, international teammates, and those who are caring for sick family members a breeze. Also we’re getting rave reviews from clients on communication and care. Y’all are a big part of that. Came at the recommendation of @bendaron a year ago.

Adam Lehman on Twitter

Excellent email application. Easy to use, full of useful features and built to streamline team collaboration. One of the few options out there that allows team inbox collaboration without being a help desk software. It offers many integrations, API and support is excellent. The best choice after testing several other competitors!

Clienta on Trustpilot

We effectively saved the working hours of an entire staff member by switching over to Missive. Our emails are far more organised now and our staff only need to read the shared emails that are relevant to them, not every single email that comes into our inbox. Strongly reccomend Missive to anyone with a similar setup.

Nick on Capterra

Finally found the email managment software I was looking for. It does not overcomplicate things but let's me configure everything to my liking. Our previous solutions were a mess. It's actually fun to communicate with our customers again. I'm so happy to have found this software, I almost gave up on the search.

Kraftwurm on Trustpilot

Having tested every single email app under the sun, I can honestly say that Missive is one of the best implementations of all time.

I am running it side by side with a couple others and, man, it’s so much faster and cleaner. It feels better and better with time. And you were spot on with the multi-swipe.

Total bliss.

Rodrigo Bressane

Switched from Front to Missive, and are very happy with the results. Simple pricing tiers with good functionality and no constant buffing up against blocked features that require an expensive upgrade. If you’re looking for a great solution to manage team inboxes, with great functionality I would strongly recommend Missive.

Mark Lamb on Trustpilot

Missive not only looks phenomenal, it’s very intuitive to figure out. I plan to use it for a very specific purpose: working with my assistant who is going to be handling my email. I looked at around 15 similar solutions, but chose Missive for three key reasons: functionality, cross-platform availability & aesthetics, which I am big on.

Artashes Toumanov

We have tried various support apps and mailbox apps but we settled for Missive because we love it’s balance between simple yet very versatile and capable. We didn’t want anything with a steep learning curve. Love the integrations with todoist and the new calender feature. Cost is very competitive too and support whenever required is on point.

Bimbola Carrol on Trustpilot

In the 2.5 years we’ve used Missive, I’ve seen it grow from a competent solution for a team inbox to a serious competitor with all of the other programs in this field. Anyone considering Slack, Front, etc., needs to give Missive serious consideration. This program has gone from something I never knew I needed to something I now couldn’t get by without.

Geoff B. on Capterra

Recently I discovered and started using Missive for my (very) small startup and I am so impressed and happy that I found this app. We tried a few of the other "bigger" guys but Missive just ticked all the boxes and works so well for what we need. Everything feels so intentional and polished. I can tell there was a lot of love put into the app.

Matt S | Mochi

We love Missive, the collaboration is on par with what we were able to achieve with Spark however we've made several improvements since we moved to Missive. The rules in missive are so powerful and keep my inbox clean so I can truly stay focused on the emails that matter. Takes a little fine tuning to get your rules perfect but once they're done, it runs like magic!

Craig Wilson on Trustpilot

As a bootstrapped business, we’re always trying to find tools that help us achieve more with less. Missive is in our top 3 most valuable tools. The ability to share emails and create tasks for our team members has been life changing. We just can’t imagine our life without Missive. We would need 3 tools to replace it in a very clunky way. Love Missive.

Jesus V. | lowcode.agency

Just wanted to say that we have been LOVING the App, it's not just a game-changer, I really can't imagine working on a team without this again! The price is drastically more affordable compared to Front. Couldn't be happier that we switched and saved so much money. Also I'll say this, the search function is the fastest and most flawless I've ever used!

Tim Jack | rise.la

Missive, How I ❤️ Thee…

The ridiculously smooth and deceptively powerful email app... with a beautiful interface that is mobile first and works effortlessly across all platforms or the web, Missive turns email into a communications workhorse.

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Robert Merrill | ConnectedWell

Just wanted to say how much we appreciate the recent OpenAI update to use embeddings. It's increased the quality of responses generated by missive 1000%. I've been fine-tuning the responses over the last week and it is essentially at a point where I trust 80-90% of its output (which will be a game-changer for some staff who aren't as comfortable with the written word!)

Dylan | Brilliant Prints

I’m a huge fan of Missive. I switched over from Superhuman in anticipation of bringing on my second team member and really wanting to drive seamless virtual collaboration in our inboxes. The experience has been seamless so far. I’m blown away at how small your team is and how well you’ve been able to create a delightful, bug-free experience cross-platform.

Monika B. | Function.vc

Pardon the language, but you guys are fucking killing it with all of these updates. Inline composer AND multiple sidebar integrations in one update?! 🎉

Missive is 🔥🔥🔥 right now.

This is, without a doubt, the most indispensable app I’ve ever used. An effective email setup is something I’ve struggled with since day one. You’ve perfectly solved that problem and then some. Kudos.

Denny Cave | SiteWild

After having tried Mac Mail, Outlook, Spark and Airmail, we finally found a mail app that supports working in team, and managing over 20 private and shared mailboxes, over different companies. Easy rule setting, handy chat function, integration of Todoist, Calendar and Drive. Exactly what we need! And on top of that, the CEO himself replied me within 2 minutes on a technical question I had. TWICE! 🙏

Sven Cautaerts on Trustpilot

As a power email user, I’ve tried them all on both iOS and MacOS.. Newton, Polymail, Apple Mail, Postbox, GMail, Airmail, etc. etc, etc.. Missive blows them all away and that doesn’t even take into account its incredible team sharing features. Just its basic single-user email app experience is superior to anything else I’ve used ever. The attention to detail is insane and the feature set is immense.

Brad K. on the App Store

We found traditional email programs had far too many gaps. We were losing conversations and context. We were also having to double and triple-handle conversations with an awkward combination of email and chat. Missive puts chat and email together into one intuitive space. Clients have a better experience, our staff find their customer workload easier to handle, and I have much better oversight over our company communication.

Dylan on Capterra

We love Missives Team Inbox Feature and the way it enables our company to work together remotely. We can't imagine working without Missive anymore, it has been a huge booster for our workflows and productivity overall. The team of Missive itself is highly responsive and super helpful and always working hard on the product, delivering new updates with the latest developments super quickly.

Christoph on Capterra

We have been using Missive for the past few months. I don't think I've ever sent a message like this, but I just wanted to let you know that Missive is genuinely the best thing I've ever used. I've never had something work so amazingly and perfectly. I will be a lifelong customer and one of your biggest advocates. I'll definitely be telling every other founder I know about it. Congratulations on making such a great product.

Chris Buetti | CEO & Co-Founder | Lionize

Forget forwarding and see ya later cc'ing, Missive is email on steroids. By far the most efficient email client I've ever used. Actually, calling it an email client is a disservice to the capability of the software. Perhaps an omni-channel communication experience is a better way to describe it. It has all the bells and whistles and leaves you wondering how you got through life without it. Thanks very much team Missive.

Cameron Parsons on Trustpilot

We started using Missive at the start of the pandemic. It has made managing emails with the team super simple. It is very flexible and can fit pretty much any process. The interface is pretty intuitive for day-to-day use. Support is super responsive and helpful. They have gone above and beyond for me on multiple occasions when I have run into issues. The software is also actively developed and they launch new features/updates pretty regularly.

Jeremy Haber on Trustpilot

This software has a very nice design, works without any flaws, is very responsive/fast, and has a very affordable price. Cheaper than ANY comparable tool I found so far! Customer support is extremely quick and helpful and all in all it was relatively easy to setup our processes. This is one of the rare examples for a software that I actually like to pay for because I think they deserve my money! (I even took the time to write this review...)

Jimmy G. on Capterra

Without exaggeration I spent two years testing out various email/help-desk solutions for our team before eventually settling on missive. It ticks so many boxes for us: imap synch, effortlessly colloborative, customisable rules, easy escalation pathways. It is also the first tech tool that I've introduced to our team that most staff actually love. In less than 24 hours we went from missing Thunderbird to happily moving everything across. Missive just works, and I love it.

Dylan Tovey on Product Hunt

I recently switched from Drag to Missive and this is a very well designed app. The cross platform experience between devices is excellent. No compromises on the mobile app vs a desktop one which is hard to find in today's climate. The native Gmail support and ability to add personal accounts is fantastic. So well thought out, please don't stop updating Missive. I do wish it supported smart notifications for important mail out of the box but you can set manual filters.

Dustin “D Smoke” Danelius on Google Play

I have to say, after heavily using it now for about a week I absolutely bloody love it.

Everyone in the team has been making really positive comments and we’ve begun working more efficiently - the ability to allow other team members to follow an email conversation is so handy + the ability to chat about an email. Great great features.

My inbox is now cleaner and also clear, so I can pretty much empty it off at the end of the day.

James Thurlow-Craig | Create Designs

We have a growing business that desperately needed a shared inbox solution for all of our contact boxes for our customer base. We tried everything from Front, HelpWise, FreshDesk, ZenDesk, etc;. Absolutely NOTHING compares to Missive. We now have all of our emails, text lines and FB Messages coming in to one centralized location that ALL of our staff has access to. The Missive phone app has released me from the gauntlet of my multi-app nightmare. I am now in one app sitting by the pool. TY!

Tony Heinz on Google Play

After trying out other email providers, such as Super Human and Front, I was impressed with the comprehensive feature set that Missive was able to offer. In particular, it is a very speedy email service (shortcuts, excellent layout) with powerful team features (shared mailboxes, labels). Most recently we have been implementing its API features and these have been very helpful indeed. It is feature packed and highly reliable. For anyone in a service business that spends considerable time on email, get Missive!

Pravin Bansal | Premier Tutors

Missive is the absolute GOAT. I spent many years using Outlook and Microsoft 365 to handle work emails and separately used Gmail for personal emails. I started using Missive last year and honestly I am still in shock as to how I even functioned before. Missive is amazing for collaborating across teams, integrating with other tools, sharing inboxes, organizing email from many different sources, honestly there are more things that it can do than things that it can't do. Literally the single most valued tool that we use is Missive.

Sean Letsinger on Trustpilot

Greatest Mail App for GTD and Task management;

Full upward compatibility for generally Gmail.
- This works without badly impacting Gmail.
- Faster than any similar app.(I tried about 5 apps)
- Perfect on all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and any Broser(Chrome, probably also Firefox etc...)

So we can lead the competition at work with Missive.
Recommended for those who are interested in GTD and those who want to execute their work smartly.

I really don't want to tell you this fact, but I let you know because I'd like to Missive to keep the business.

Toshio Kotani on App Store

We were searching for a bolt on to our G Suite that would help us triage emails that come in so we could either add to our ticket system so they could be processed or we could reply via email. The main thing was ensuring we didn’t miss any contacts and that we weren’t duplicating work. Missive allowed us to easily handle all forms of communications with our clients. They’ve continued to add several features (we’re really enjoying the team inboxes!) and are exceptionally fast to respond when there are any issues that come up. We certainly value our relationship with the folks at Missive.

Brennan O. on Capterra

I have tried dozens of email clients, but none felt perfect, and I always had to use multiple clients to satisfy all my needs. Until I found the Missive app, a mail client that made me quit them all together and connect all my accounts there. It has all the features you will need to improve your productivity as an individual or company. The user interface is particularly great, and I cannot stress enough how others feel outdated compared to it. I highly recommend trying the Missive app and seeing it for yourself. It's genuinely the best email client I have ever used!

Jiri Beloch on Trustpilot

A great email app for teams with a growing list of features. I have used Missive as my personal email client since 2017 and introduced it to our team in 2018. Our team now uses the platform for collaborate team email, slack style internal chat, and assigning emails/tasks between different team members. Missive has removed the need for "file notes" in our CRM, as we now include all notes/internal discussions within email threads. New features are regularly added and the developers are great communicators and very quick to respond to any questions. Highly recommended for both individuals or growing teams.

JH on Trustpilot

The team inbox feature is simply incredible. It allows our team to chat between responses to our customers or suppliers to make sure we say the correct things and that we have all the information needed before sending those emails. It’s much better than Zendesk for the workflow and the fact that Missive doesn’t break all the time (like it happened to us on Zendesk back then, before we switched). As a small business, Missive allows us to centralize all our "external communication" (Customer service, BizDev, Media/Press contacts) into one software, instead of scattering our team between a help desk, a CRM, and some other tools and software to make it all work. We have different e-commerce websites, so we can actually have all our projects and different emails on the same software for a single price.

Phil L. on Capterra

We absolutely love Missive! [...] We have 50+ email addresses managed within 2 email accounts. Missive allows us to manages all of these email addresses in one place in addition to quickly assigning the email to the appropriate person on the team or adding a comment for future refence. As you can imagine, having this many email addresses means LOTS of emails we don't need to see. Missive allows for very complex rules to archive/delete emails we don't want to see. [...] Our inbox is so much cleaner as a result of this. [...] AND the customer service is top notch! Zoho is our email server and we were using their desktop and web-based software to view emails. One of the things we did not like was that they were based in another country so when issues would arise, we couldn't get answers in real-time. This is not the case with Missive. Despite the support being email based, they are on top of it and have always solved our concerns right away. I can't say enough good things about this software! :-)

C James on Trustpilot

We are early adopters of Tech and spent a reasonable amount of time looking for a platform that will support inbox sharing, multiple email box management, and "true" IMAP and not an fwd option. Also, website online chat. Intuitive and innovative enough with sprinkled AI that would feed our need for increased productivity and time management with our daily workflows. Missive App came to the table and fed our cravings and then some. Superb support and magical wonders of knowing precisely what we need moving and using the application. Such as the little things like a search and "not" blowing out the results if you clear the search. Or slide in the screen with results VS replacing the core content, or even save the last search result in the left side menu. These features are not even found in the more expensive solution that is marketed everywhere - starts with an (F) and is reversive of Backend. Well kidding a bit, but you get it. Get MissiveApp.com today and make your own choice - we are in to win!

Dave Safley on Trustpilot
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