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Learn How Landr Solves and Routes Customer Inquiries Efficiently with Missive

Missive helps us solve and route customer inquiries efficiently.

Jay Filiatrault
Head of Customer Success at LANDR

Launched in 2012 and headquartered in Montreal, LANDR is a creative platform for modern musicians.

They use artificial intelligence to automate the tricky process of mastering audio tracks. Their mission is to give music makers the freedom to create and be heard. So far, they have mastered over 12 million tracks for more than 2.5 million users.

We spoke with Jay Filiatrault, LANDR's Head of Customer Success, about how his team leverages Missive to solve and route customer inquiries efficiently.

Handling multiple inboxes

Having multiple points of contact served by various support members can quickly become a painful and unmanageable business process. In the beginning, small businesses can manage by sharing email credentials (which is a terrible security practice); others implement help desks. But for some organizations, neither works well.

This was one of the biggest challenges that led Jay to look for a shared inbox solution like Missive.

With Missive you have three different ways to set up a shared account or address, each with distinct advantages. Most users prefer the Team Inbox, which is shared among its team members, meaning that whenever a message is assigned/archived/closed, it will be removed from the Team Inbox for everyone. This is useful for teams who want a "triage" step that will clean up messages for all coworkers at once, it also promotes accountability among teammates.

Team members can jump in to respond emails coming to various aliases throughout the day.

When you create a team, you can define two types of users: Active members, who receive notifications for new messages and Observers, do not receive notifications and see conversations listed in the team inbox only. This is perfect for managers who want to monitor the work being done but don't want to be flooded with notifications.

Not all tools are created equal

With a plethora of shared inbox tools offering similar features, finding the perfect one can be difficult.

When evaluating options, I chose Missive for its intuitive UI and ease of implementation.

Missive has a familiar look. If you have ever used an email client in the past, you will likely feel right at home from the moment you open the app.

With a beautiful column design, soft grey tones, and intuitive icon usage, you will not struggle to adapt Missive as your mission command post.

Missive intuitive UI

Managing user engagement and inquiries faster

Jay's team at LANDR manages user engagement by sending out educational content to help their users throughout their journey. They receive a few dozen inquiries per day.

Each member of the team covers one of their product lines. The collaboration feature has been very useful for them. Each teammate can chime in and provide an optimal response to users. They can collaborate on an email directly in the interface rather than having two people having to discuss and formulate an answer together, which has proven a big time saver.

Collaborative draft editor
Etienne fixes a typo for me.

They have also found canned responses or templates beneficial, they will let you write and reply to emails faster with pre-written snippets. Responses are especially helpful when you end up responding to the same questions over and over again.

Response templates enable us to respond to common inquiries in seconds.

Adding a response to a draft is really easy with the search option.

These and many other features are at the core of the Missive experience.