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Learn How Pipedrive Noticed Better Cooperation Within the Team by Using Missive

With Missive, we noticed more and better cooperation within the team.

Daniel Picón
Marketplace Partnership Manager at Pipedrive

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive is an online sales CRM. It is a tool designed to help small to medium sales teams close lengthy sales processes. Over 90,000 companies use Pipedrive all around the world. They have offices in Tallinn, Tartu, London, Prague, Lisbon, Dublin, New York and Florida.

We spoke with Daniel Picón, Pipedrive’s Marketplace Partnership Manager about how using Missive has helped him and his team collaborate better around emails.

So Daniel, what challenges led you to look for a solution like Missive?

I work in the Developer Relations team, I run the partnerships section which comprises a lot of email communication, additionally I have to collaborate on certain conversations with other teammates.

Before we were using our own email providers or clients to manage email conversations, and to collaborate outside of email we used something like Slack. This workflow added some hindrances in some occasions. It made us lose track of certain action items. So we understood we were in need of an inbox sharing tool that allowed us to communicate with each other within email conversations.

We understood we were in need of an inbox sharing tool that allowed us to communicate with each other within email conversations.

What was most important to you when evaluating your options for a shared inbox tool?

It was imperative that the tool had to have all the basic inbox sharing capabilities, and also a great chatting system so you can collaborate on emails with your colleagues.

Many tools on the market offer that, so the deciding factors came down to Missive being very responsive and helpful within the implementation phase.

The fact that they had a great Pipedrive integration helped as well, because we also use Pipedrive internally for project management and we connect all conversations to Pipedrive.

We tested several shared inbox tools and finally agreed on using Missive due to their ease of use, outstanding support and of course their great integration with Pipedrive which is crucial for our processes.

How do you use Missive?

We use Missive to manage comms with our integration partners and third party developers. We have a shared inbox which we were able to plug into Missive.

Any email that lands on that address then arrives to our inboxes on Missive. I created 2 variations of the shared inbox, one was related more to Marketing conversations and the other more oriented to technical developer things. Different team members have access to one or the other shared inbox. On most occasions we talk via the internal chat and discuss opinions, ideas or facts that help us take action on the matter that is being discussed within the specific email conversation.

We have different team members that have specific roles that cater to a specific part of the developer journey, for example we have a Marketplace Onboarding Manager that reviews all new apps on the Marketplace. So as soon as I am done with my part of the conversation I can reassign it to him, but still collaborate with him in internal chat if need be.


Last question. What are the three key Missive features that you rely on the most?

1. Integrations: As I mentioned before, having the Pipedrive integration was highly beneficial for us because we also utilize Pipedrive as a project and data management tool within our team. The integration that the folks over at Missive created is impeccable and one of the best in terms of design and functionality we have seen. The UX between both platforms is seamless and I would say the integration creates stickiness for us. It would be difficult to leave this tool mostly due to this integration.

2. Internal Chat: This feature was something that we absolutely needed, and Missive delivers quite well, a surprise was the fact we could add tasks into these notes, this helped add a layer of prioritization into my conversations by adding tasks, then filtering the next day to see what conversations had tasks in them.

3. Shared Labels: We started doing a lot of research on separate parts of the journey, so the labels helped us organize our conversations into separate groups within the journey. Once we had to extract insights from our inbox, having grouped them before really helped. This is a practice that we will continue to do in order to take a step back and better understand what's going on from a wider perspective.

After implementing Missive to our workflow, we noticed more and better cooperation within the team.

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