Feature overview

Pinned conversations

Pinned conversations or pins are great way to keep important conversations in your face for quick and easy access. Pins can be reordered by simply drag-and-dropping them around.

The pins section is personal and shared across your devices, if you pin a conversation in the desktop app it will also be pinned on your phone.

Drag and drop conversations or use the + button to open

All conversations can be pinned, there are 4 types:

Normal conversations

Your everyday email and chat conversations. Just drag and drop them to the Pins section. Or right click on one and select the Pin to sidebar option.

General chat rooms

Every Missive organization has a General room composed of all the organization members. These can be found in the + sign menu next to the pins section title.

One-to-one chat rooms

Every member of an organization has a one-to-one private chat room with every other member of the organization. Each features an online status indicator, telling you if your teammate is online or not. These can also be found in the + sign menu next to the pins section title.


Once a conversation is pinned, every time there is a new comment or email, the unread count is incremented.

Out of the inbox

When a conversation is pinned it can be annoying to have it come back to your inbox on new comments. You can prevent this by just unwatching it. This way, on new comments you will see the unread count get incremented but the conversation won't return in your inbox.

Badge count

By default, pinned conversations with unread comments or emails are included in the application badge count.

Pinned are included in the badge count

This behavior can be changed by right clicking on any pinned conversation and unchecking the Include in badge count option.

Setting to remove pinned conversations from badge count

Custom icons 🤠🤑😎

You can easily change the icon of any pinned conversation by using an emoji character. It's pretty cool and makes the conversations stand out.

Change pinned conversation icon

Just prepend an emoji to the conversation title, see the below .gif.

Use an emoji has the conversation title first character

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