Feature overview

Contact management

Missive offers powerful contact management that will let you and your peers collectively manage contacts and quickly browse through your recipient messages.

Contact books

Search a contact in all your contact books
The contact UI lets you browse through all your contacts even if you have access to multiple contact books.

Your contacts are enclosed in contact books. Those can be private or shared with your team. As a user, you can have access to multiple contact books.

Contact book sharing options
The contact UI lets you browse through all your contacts even if you have access to multiple contact books.

For each contact, you can build a complete profile with avatar, email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, social media accounts, notes, custom fields and more.

Define multiple fields on your contacts

Contact groups and organizations

Contacts can be grouped in both organizations and groups. Organizations are typically used to map a group of related contacts (businesses). Each contact in an organization can have a title, department, and location. Groups are used to group unrelated contacts, think of groups as labels.

Example Paid customers, Free users, “Needs follow up”, VIP, etc.
 Use groups and organizations as way to label your contacts

You can quickly send an email to everyone in a group or organization by searching for the organization or group name in the To, Cc or Bcc field of your draft.

Contact preview

When browsing your conversations, you can always preview the contact information of all recipients in a side panel. You will also have access to a preview of the latest conversations you exchanged with the recipient (phil@acme.com) and the other people using the same domain as the recipient (@acme.com).

Contact card, a preview of the conversation recipients

Import contacts from another source

We currently support contact syncing with Office 365 and Google accounts. See this short FAQ to learn how to activate this.

API endpoints

Missive offers contact API endpoints to let you manage your contacts programmatically.

Example Automatically sync contacts between Missive and your CRM.

See the documentation.

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