Missive’s 10x Use Cases

Missive’s 10x Use Cases

by Philippe

When we pitch Missive, people’s first reaction is usually to think of it as a tool to manage customer support emails; the ones sent at public email addresses like help@conferencebadge.com. They see Missive as a help desk.

While it’s true Missive can be used to coordinate your team and give stellar customer support, it’s just one of many use cases. Let me demonstrate five other amazing ones that will improve your team’s workflow all across the board.

1. Email notifications

You can discuss around email notifications. Cheering when receiving a successful purchase from your payment processor (e.g. Stripe)…

Stripe conversation

…or coordinating around a detailed exception email sent by your error tracking tool (here Rollbar) …

Rollbar conversation

What’s awesome is that 99.9% of SaaS already offer email notifications, and most of the time those contain more information than ones sent to chat apps.

You can also send yourself and your team custom ones from your own stack. At Missive every time a new user signs up we automatically send ourselves an email containing interesting information about the user. Then, someone from the team can hit the reply button and contact them directly for feedback.

Custom email conversation

2. CRM - Reach out to potential customers

With Missive’s chat conversations, you can gather notes and research potential customers. When you’re done you can turn that internal conversation into one with the potential customer by writing an email right in this context.

CRM conversation

With that workflow you always get a detailed paper trail around your communication. When you or a colleague looks back at this conversation in a couple of months, you will not only have the discussion with the customer (emails) but also the research (comments) that led to it.

3. Note taking - Knowledge base

The previous example shows how mixing note taking with email makes for a great sales flow. Nothing stops you from using Missive conversations as simple notes; create an empty conversation, gather some knowledge about a topic and discuss with your teammates, simple.

Note + reminder

Why not snooze that conversation in the future as a reminder for a task to come? Having note taking ability in your email+chat client is really powerful.

4. Weekly updates

Chat conversations with your team open plenty of use cases. For example at Missive we create a weekly chat conversation where everyone updates the team about their respective short-term objectives.

Weekly update conversation

It will sit inside everyone’s inbox and each team member can read and take action as they see fit. The content won’t get lost in the infinite flow of messages you find in more traditional chat apps like Slack.

Plus, those conversations are easily searchable, just type [Weekly update] in the search box to find all previous weekly conversations and get a quick sense of your team’s progress.

5. Competitor intelligence

Knowing what competitors are doing is an important part any entrepreneur’s job. They will subscribe to each of their competitors’ newsletter to be the first to know their next move.

Usually this is a lonely experience, but not in Missive! Each newsletter is shareable with your teammates so you can plan out your best counter move.

newsletter conversation

And much more…

Those are just a tiny fraction of the thousands of use cases that emerge from the way Missive merges email and chat in a common user interface.

I could have described how my girlfriend and I use Missive to coordinate around the construction of our new house, or how Missive helps us notice that Gmail was flagging some important emails as spam for just some of us, or how we became much more focused by not being exposed all day long to an open and infinite chat discussion.

The sum of those use cases made for a 10x improvement to our team communication capability. Yes! I love Missive, and of course I’m biased, I helped create it… but still… I’m pretty sure you will fall in love too when you try it and see its endless power.

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive
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